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Detroit Dover Animal Hospital

COVID-19 Policy

Thank you very much for your continued patience. We are planning for the hospital to be open to clients in August. The delay has been caused by our already booked appointment schedule, acquiring and training staff, and a decision to wait until the majority of our clients and staff have been vaccinated. We need to extend appointment times to properly sanitize exam rooms for people. The products we use to sanitize for pets do not require lengthy surface contact as opposed to the products we needed for the prevention of Covid on exam room surfaces. Since we are already booked out 6 weeks in advance, we are working through those appointments before cutting our availability down.

When we do open to clients again, ONE person will be allowed to escort their pet into the building for exams. Our Lobby will remain CLOSED. Once again this is for sanitation and safety purposes. Appointments that are not with the Doctor, such as fluid treatments, nail trims, and blood draws will still be curbside. Medication and food pick-ups will be curbside as well.  We will still offer curbside appointments for those that prefer that option.